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Hispanic Countries - all you ever wanted to know

  • Marvelous resources for Andean culture and language
  • CiberCentro, a wonderful all-purpose site.
  • Where are you going? Find Cyber Cafés around the world
  • No one does it better than Arthur Frommer's travel guide
  • Colorful images from all Hispanic nations at FotoSearch
  • Weather.com en español - para el mundo latino!
  • Everything needed for world travel at InfoWorld
  • Scroll down to choose your country, select a city, then Askalo! Info on everything, everywhere.
  • Dos hombres, dos motos, 7 paises = La Aventura Sudamericana!
  • Latin Travel takes you everywhere!
  • Let Latin Web take you all over the globe.
  • Mundo Latino says it all
  • Top 100 Latino sites
  • All of the PARKS of Central America
  • Naturally there's some of everything at Qué Pasa.com
  • Spanish Studies,a site for travels and studies throughout Latin America
  • Beautiful photos of Peru, Argentina and Brazil
  • Gorgeous pictures of Colombia, Chile and Bolivia at CinemaScope
  • Use Vamos a Canada if you plan to visit, study or stay

  • Vamos al Mar Caribe, México, Centroamérica, Sudamérica, África, y España!

    Countries listed alphabetically in Spanish.

    La Argentina

  • Clarín, the largest BA daily in circulation
  • Argentine overview from Lonely Planet
  • Search Todo Argentina for bios of all famous Argentines
  • Location-based Q&A web community Askalo Argentina
  • Everything about the skier's paradise, Bariloche, Argentina
  • All about the gauchos,
  • EspañOlé's own diccionario de lunfardo! for Argentine slang
  • Burial site of Evita, La Recoleta
  • The jet set loves to Ski Argentina!

  • Bolivia

  • Bolivia's daily news
  • Drop by the fascinating Museo Nacional de Arqueología
  • Perhaps the most amazing engineers in history, the Puma Punku of Bolivia
  • More history and photos of the Puma Punku creations in Tiahuanaco
  • Helpful tourist resources
  • Bolivanet is enticing
  • Bolivian.com is a great home site
  • Check out all these Bolivian links!
  • Everything there is to know, from Lonely Planet

  • Chile

  • Tele Nacional de Chile
  • Chile Discover lays out the best tours and photos
  • Records and photos of the world's strongest earthquake, Valdivia, 1960
  • Maps and photos galore

  • Colombia

  • Visit Colombia!
  • News straight from Bogotá's El Tiempo
  • Want to shop online? Plaza Colombia offers a huge array of local products.
  • The Gold Museum and the incomparable emeralds of Colombia
  • Colombia's official skating site
  • As always, Lonely Planet covers the country beautifully

  • Costa Rica

  • Visit Costa Rica's beautiful National Parks
  • Here's the lovely Museos de Arte Costarricenses
  • Costa Rica Temptations will make you want to go ahora!
  • Beautiful photos & nature tour info from Altoquepo
  • Discover Costa Rica lists all the great eco-attractions
  • And do drop by the seven campuses of La Universidad de Costa Rica
  • Cuba

  • Read the Patria Grande newspaper
  • Nearly 100 links to everything in Cuba
  • A new site filled with Recuerdos de Cuba
  • The latest news from CubaNet
  • Cuban overview for travellers
  • Cubano Web Site is a tourist's delight
  • Beautiful photos and more
  • Habaguanex Ciboney a web magazine for Cuban exiles.
  • La página de José Martí

  • Ecuador

  • Lonely Planet welcomes you to Ecuador
  • Lots of Ecuador's top links from Latinworld
  • Tio Gringo's excellent photo tour of Quito
  • Ecuador and Galapagos Adventures!
  • Galapagos Conservation Trust photos and links
  • An Incredible opportunity to volunteer in Ecuador in many areas and fields.
       Part of the Global Volunteer Network

  • El Salvador

  • Check out El Diario de Hoy newspaper
  • Visit Coatepeque Caldera, an active volcano
  • Lonely Planet's destination: El Salvador

  • España

  • Meet Spain's Royal Family on their official web site
  • TourSpain is the nation's official guide
  • UNESCO's World Heritage (Patrimonio Mundial) includes 8 magnificent Spanish cities
  • TypicallySpanish.com is Spain's largest English-language website
  • The Library of Congress covers the country
  • Is Spain OK? Find out for yourself!
  • Will you need a list of Internet cafés while in Spain?
  • Conoces el valle del río Najerilla en La Rioja?
  • Head for exciting Barcelona
  • The Barcelona of mi arquitecto favorito, Antonio Gaudí
  • Bio, works, imagesA of Gaudí
  • Biography of Gaudí
  • Jewish history explored at Museo Sefardí de Toledo
  • A wealth of Galician info from Ferrolterra Country
  • Places of Interest presented by Spanish Town Guides
  • Johnny Jet visits Santiago de Compostela
  • Great shortcut to every region from Acoruña to Zaragoza
  • Conoce Bilbao
  • Galicia, as seen through the eyes of Johnny Jet
  • Peruse the Paradores
  • Cyber-Spain, a delightful resource
  • Fiestas, Ferias and Folklore from Red 2000
  • Spain Selecta also has interesting links.
  • Take the Metro through Madrid
  • Madrid Travel Guide for maps, tourist info and everything about this capital
  • Start your tour of Madrid at this all-inclusive site
  • Madrid a Tope is up-to-date info for music, concerts, dining, art and more
  • See the capital through the eyes of Madrid Man!
  • The incomparable Museo Prado
  • Take a look at f Euskara, the unique Basque language
  • Extremadura's live webcam es un Paseo Virtual
  • Todo de mi ciudad favorita! Sevilla Info.com
  • Turismo de Sevilla
  • Everything for your visit to Córdoba including the must-see Alhambra
  • 24-hour live Webcams bring Spain's cities to life. Try Oviedo, with links to many others
  • Te gusta leer? Everyone loves ABC! Or how about Madrid's daily El País or Cataluña's official El Periódico
  • Un glosario ilustrado de los castillos

  • Guatemala

  • Check out the daily Prensa Libre
  • Lonely Planet says bienvenidos a Guatemala
  • Here are lots of great Guatemalan links
  • Excellent travel and tourism info for the Quezaltenango region

  • Guinea Ecuatorial

  • CIA Factbook gives lots of useful info
  • Today's top news in E.G.
  • A basic traveler's guide
  • Check out the music of Nube Negra
  • Lots of E.G. links from AFROL

  • Honduras

  • The Honduran Home site
  • Ever dreamed of visiting Honduras? Sidewalk Mystic's complete visitor's site will have you packing!
  • Look at Everything Honduran! site
  • "Honduras This Week," a bi-weekly news magazine

  • México

  • Latin-American Network from the University of Texas. Definitive
  • Planning to visit? Stop at Go to México first!
  • Have fun at the Mercado, electronic marketplace)
  • Portal oficial del turismo
  • Live cams of both Cancún and Popocatépetl Volcano
  • Wonderful photos and tourism ideas from Mexico Vacation Travels
  • Location-based Q&A web community Askalo México
  • A very comprehensive guide to all kinds of Mexican resources
  • Visiting the west coast? Check out Sea Side Mexico's blog for great local info
  • Mexican-American homepage has links to loads of interesting things!
  • Beautiful, interactive Mexican travel guide
  • Mexican snorkeling and diving guide from Mexico Travel Guide
  • From Loco Gringo, a great Riviera Maya guide
  • Rocky Point vacations info from Mexico Adventure
  • Guadalajara's Museo de las Artes
  • Visitors' Center for Monterrey
  • Mexican eco-travel from Planeta
  • Increíble! México Desconocido focuses on the indigenous. Beautiful fotos
  • TrekEarth shares beautiful of Acapulco
  • Was the Yucatan hit by a giant asteroid? Visit Chicxulub.


  • La Prensa has the news.
  • LANIC's Nicaraguan reference desk
  • Enlaces de Nicaragua - every kind of link from IBW
  • How about a Nicaraguan slide show

  • Panamá

  • The Panama Report is filled with interesting info and links
  • The total package for living and working in Panamá
  • Everything about this great country provided by Canal Zone Brats. A must-see website!
  • Take a trip down the Canal
  • Watch 5 live webcams along the Canal
  • Casco Viejo lets you explore the rich history and sights of old Panamá City
  • Stay in touch with Panamá's El Siglo
  • All about Panamá and its culture

  • Paraguay

  • Links to all of Paraguay
  • Have you seen El Chaco?
  • Lanic has compiled dozens of Paraguayan links

    El Perú

  • PERU.COM is up to the minute and just super
  • Boletín de New York has every posible link to El Perú
  • Peru Discover highlights all the must-see places
  • A glorious slideshow of Lima with dozens of magnificent photos
  • Drop by the University of Perú
  • Tourism in Peru
  • A Peruvian must: a visit to Machu Picchu!

  • Puerto Rico - US Commonwealth

  • Welcome to Puerto Rico!
  • Check out El Nuevo Día
  • Try the new PR Online Magazine
  • Dedicated to all BORICUAS on the Internet
  • Escape to PR with postcards, a coquí quiz and so much more!
  • Puerto Rico Guide has all your visitor info
  • El Cuarto de Quenepon is PR's home for cultural arts
  • Everything that's happening in the fine arts world is here at Coalición Artistas de PR
  • Coqui.org. Save the froggies!
  • Everything you need to know to visit PR is at Isla Culebra

  • La República Dominicana

  • This site says the D.R. is Número Uno
  • Great new Cabarete site for windsurfing, tourism, maps & photos
  • Feel at home with Historia y cultura GoDominicanRepublic
  • Hispaniola's site on Cabarete
  • Check out the top 21 destinations for travelers from Dominican Travel Network
  • Dominican Republic's #1 tourist guide


  • Vamos al lindo Uruguay
  • Check out all the local news in Chasque
  • The helpful Uruguayan fact sheet from Unique South American Travel Experience
  • Join Uruguay complete tourist guide. Nice video!
  • Well-organized links to everything at Uruguay Total
  • Beautiful photos from World Travels
  • Columbus Travel's Uruguayan info

  • Venezuela

  • Venezuela's all-purpose index from Last Frontiers
  • Images of Venezuela from FotoSearch
  • From Universidad Nueva Esparta, a terrific guide to Caracas
  • Venezuela Analítica is an incredible resource for publications

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