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For students & teachers of AP SPANISH LANGUAGE, try the following sites for info on your test:

  • Prepare for the latest AP Spanish Language Exam at the ETS site
  • Here are the big changes for AP SPanish 2013-14
  • Course Description 2010-2011 for the Spanish languageand literature exams
  • 2009-2011 Course Descriptions for AP Spanish language and literature
  • Teachers' newsletter for the latest AP Spanish language info
  • AP Language exam web guide, created by me!
  • Free, downloadable 2009 practice exams (teacher access only)
  • Teachers! apply to be an exam reader - it's fun, rewarding and an intense experience!
  • Teaching pre-AP? This is your site for all resources from ETS

  • Everything official from la Real Academia de la Lengua Española
  • Grammar in a nutshell from the University of Chicago Press
  • Advanced gramática y ortografía from Juan Soto of Indiana
  • Increase your vocabulary at Palabra del Día
  • Patrick Boyce at Elma, WA, HS has AP grammar & vocab activities based on En Español
  • Excellent compendium of AP test practice links from teacher Peggy Beck Haines
  • Bilingual medical dictionary from Medical
  • VoiceNation Live provides Linguistics resources, groups and publications

  • Here is a truly helpful site filled with great links: A Guide for Studying Spanish in College

  • Basic Spanish LESSONS

  • Try learning Spanish online!! Optimnem is where and why.
  • provides a writing pad and all the ortho marks
  • Jaime Correa's Español sin Misterio site explains grammar and so much more
  • Qué divertido! New words, jokes and more from Spanish Word-a-Day
  • Live Mocha provides free lessons in 11 languages! Learn from global natives.
  • Spanish Area offers grammar, vocab, pronunciation and practice!
  • Learn Spanish Free Online gives you handy basic lessons, phrases, and vocabulary
  • Great variety of grammar and exercises at multiple levels from Online
  • Native speaker videos on every imaginable topic from the U of Texas
  • Or try one of 12 languages at Mango Languages
  • Learn a Language has over 150 free lessons to help you master Spanish!
  • Interesting foreign language learning links from New Jersey Teacher
  • Lots of practice and learning at Rocket Languages along with free weekly quizzes
  • A great compendium of resources on mastering the Spanish language from NYU
  • Aprende español has a free monthly magazine with culture, vocab, and lessons
  • Cela Spanish School in Venezuela offers multi-level free lessons

  • Hundreds of REFRANES!
  • How about a listing of foreign language summer camps?
  • Spanish Steps from the BBC has wonderful listen/see/read/learn lessons/
  • Free Language Tutorials offers a great menu of learning tools, inc worksheets, audio and vocab
  • Great little Spanish Lessons with sound files
  • Written Accent helps your students master pronunciation quickly!
  • Games, sound and much more from French/Spanish Online
  • Free lessons and resources from No Comprendo
  • Watching "La Catrina?" Here are some related activities from Quia
  • Master all those Spanish verbs!
  • Verb It offers free verb quizzes at 3 levels. Test yourself!
  • Online Spanish Help has lots of free games & activities for students!
  • Lots of free games from Pimsleur Approach

  • Sign up today for Wordplay! It's free.
  • Online-Spanish-Course brings you flashcards, mouseovers, vocab & new fun texts weekly
  • Updated daily, here's a huge variety of culture, readings, lessons, and learning, all for free from Zach Jones!
  • Hello-World games & learning activities (some require registration)
  • Practice with every imaginable topic at Spanish Flashcards
  • Aula Diez gives you instant feedback on many grammar & reading topics
  • 3 free lessons from Mansion Spanish
  • Vocabulario Mágico is the bilingual self-study system for all levels
  • One to One Spanish shares some great tips for learning verbs
  • A list of 900 core vocab words in context

  • Free lessons! from E-language School
  • Lo Quella" has extensive free lessons for all levels
  • Hello, World! offers cute aural and visual beginner lessons
  • Vocabulix provides free online vocabulary and conjugations
  • Conjugate over 1000 verbs! with Spanish Conjugation
  • The Language Learning Library provides a wealth of free resources
  • Spanish Programs offers a variety of games and tools at varied levels. Try them!
  • Verbester! Download this free conjugation/vocab learning tool. (PCs only)
  • Visual Link Languages provides hundreds of games, vocab and learning tools - free!
  • Vocabulary & sounds from Learn-Spanish
  • LingoHut offers hundreds of sound bytes in so many vocab categories!

  • Spanishtown provides resources for learning Spanish, bilingual news, entertainment and more
  • Online courses for conversations and jobs plus great links at the MultiLingual Center
  • Spanish-Resources lets students test reading, writing, oral,and aural skills!
  • Test yourself at Webspañol; lots of cute features
  • Idioms quiz from the U of Chicago
  • Lengalia offers multi-level lessons, business Spanish, vocab and podcasts
  • Do-it-yourself flash cards on beginner topics, with sound, from My Spanish Dictionary
  • Easton links every imaginable Spanish test for all levels
  • Spanish Grammar Genius - you ask, they answer

  • Learn Spanish Today provides self-graded quizzes & vocab on numerous topics.
  • Free on-line language lessons at
  • Free tutoring via chats, message boards and more
  • Some free worksheets at Home Education Resources

  • Sign up here for word of the month from EleMadrid. Great examples and help.
  • The most common words loaned to English from Spanish
  • Del Sr. Monjas Llorente de España, la Página de la Lengua Española
  • Everything you need to know for Business Spanish
  • Links to all known languages & language groups in Latin America
  • Study Spanish is a free on-line tutorial
  • A downloadable program for self-taught Beginning Spanish
  • From Spain, the incomparable Página del Idioma Español

  • Gramática Española has all the grammar rules
  • Test yourself at Spanish Language in the U.K. Palabra del Día is here, also.
  • Conjugation Trainer lets you test yourself on verbs
  • Vocabulary Training site
  • Canadian site for Castillian
  • A new list of Spanish abbreviations
  • Spelling and accent marks from Lingolex


  • You've always wanted to run with the bulls? San Fermin tells all
  • Spanish name origins and English equivalents
  • Great place for meanings of Spanish surnames
  • Links to all the Spanish-speaking kids' good stuff on the Internet
  • What fun at the International Café by Transparent
  • A great variety of free games to build vocab from Lingugame
  • Explore muchos games and learning tools for Spanish practice
  • Hello-World has helpful free worksheets
  • Free, fast, challenging topical vocabulary-based games and quizzes from Jetpunk

  • Lots of goodies about Mafalda!
  • Spanish sayings from El Refranero
  • Over 100 Spanish tongue twisters!
  • Play real-time Hangman! Lots of other resources, too, at E-spanyol
  • Perfect for Spanish One! Lots of vocab and grammar from Positively Spanish!
  • Make your own gameboards!
  • Chévere! Spanish flash cards for grammar and vocab
  • We're going to Disneylandia! en París
  • Spanish at the Mining Company is unique

  • Are you guilty? Discover the most common gringo errors en español
  • Do you practice Netiquette? Take a quiz and find out

  • Visit an ESL website to find all kinds of Spanish language resources!
       You will enjoy a variety of activities to help with your studies -
        from basic word matching to a challenging scrambled exercise to help keep learning fun!

    Caramba! Hablas tú SPANGLISH?

  • From Professor González-Echevarría: Hablar Spanglish es devaluar el español
  • El vigor del Spanglish
  • Spanglis, el español envilecido
  • If my mother knew, she would kill me!
  • Eres argentino? EspañOlé tiene su propio diccionario de lunfardo!

  • Special Links for HISPANIC-AMERICANS

  • Saludos puts it all together
  • Having a baby? Find all the Spanish baby names here
  • Español Superpages offer nationwide search, maps and driving directions en español.
  • El Uso de la "B" y la "V"
  • NIH, El Instituto Nacional de la Salud, on-line
  • Learning Disabilities site for Hispanic parents and teachers
  • Hispanics in Georgia, this is your place!
  • Celebrate your heritage with Scholastic
  • Quieres aprender inglés, alemán, o francés? Visita Optimnem
  • Crees en los OVNI? Visita
  • Sitio chileno para la familia entera
  • Check out Hispano USA
  • Guía TV has all the television news, e-cards, recipes, and more
  • Univisión says it's Hispanic America's favorite tele network
  • Telemundo!
  • Washington's own DC Latino
  • Hispanic Magazine on-line
  • Many countries, one home: Óyeme
  • Miami's El Nuevo Herald

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