La Historia y La Herencia

SPANISH HISTORY: from the     Prehistoric days     to the     20th

PRE-COLUMBIAN PEOPLES:     Caribbean     Mainland     La Florida

SPANISH CONQUEST:     La Florida/St. Augustine     Other Spanish-American links     Spanish missions


  • A history of Spain starting 30,000 years ago
  • Origins of the Inquisition in 15th C Spain
  • A History of Spain
  • Breve historia de España

  • Meet The Pre-Columbian Indians of the Caribbean

  • The Caribs, navigators, warriors, cannibals
  • The Taino of the Dominican Republic
  • Indians of the US Virgin Islands
  • The Siboney, and Lucayans first settlers of Bermuda
  • Meet The Pre-Columbian Indians of the Mainland

  • Guaraní - a language, a culture, a people
  • What day is today on the Aztec calendar?
  • The Aztec Calendar: explained, defined and studied
  • A simple, photo-filled Aztec history with many interesting links
  • Before the Inca, there were the Chachapoyas
  • Pictoral tour of the ruins in 3 countries
  • Halfmoon provides Mayan glyphs & architecture
  • Learn all about the sacred Popol Vuh
  • UCAR explores Mayan Mythology
  • What were the Maya doing in Cacaxtla?
  • Beautiful photos of the Cacaxtla murals
  • Toltec, Nonalcos or Maya? The World Heritage city of Tajin has unusual Far East influences
  • Mesoweb takes you to all the Mesoamerican cultures
  • Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula from Mexico Travel Guide
  • Palenque, a Maya archeological dig in progress
  • See incredible images at the Pre-Columbian Art Institute
  • Spanish/Quechua photos, songs, and stories from The Andes
  • Explore the Lines of Nazca
  • See photos and close-ups of the Nazca lines
  • Learn to tie the knot of quipu communication with the Caral, pre-cursors of the Incas
  • Hike the Inca Trail and ruins with an experienced climber
  • A magnificent modern-day look at Machu Picchu and the Inca descendents
  • Breathtaking 360-degree panoramas of Machu Picchu. Click on white circles for more!
  • Follow the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with lovely photographs
  • Interesting overview of Machu and vicinity
  • The Indigenous Tribes of Pre-Columbian La Florida

  • Ais Indians of the central east coast
  • The The Apalachee
  • Apalachicolas of NW Florida
  • Calusas, the Shell Indians of SW Florida
  • Shipwrecked Calusa captive Hernando d' Escalante Fontaneda
  • The Guales of coastal Georgia
  • The Mayaca, Miakka, and Myakka
  • Miami's Tequesta Indians of Biscayne Bay
  • Seloy/Timucuan Indians
  • Post-European Timucuas
  • The Timucuans and many Creek (Muskogee) Indians later became the Seminoles
  • Tampa Bay's Tocobago Indians include the Uzita, Mocoso, and Pohoy
  • Swanton's Florida extract of the Indian Tribes of North America
  • Historic Florida Indians by Jerry Wilkinson
  • La Florida/St. Augustine

  • Juan Ponce de Leon, discoverer in 1513
  • Hernando de Soto, 1539, National Park
  • The DeSoto Chronicles are an excellent historical resource
  • Pedro Menéndez de Aviles, St. Augustine's founder in 1565
  • Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales - The Founding of St. Augustine, 1565, his diary
  • The SC Santa Elena project
  • Santa Elena's 2nd Spanish Occupation, 1577-1587, and Pedro Menéndez Marqués
  • Castillo de San Marcos, built 1672-1756
  • Excellent photos of Castillo de San Marcos/LI>
  • Fort Mosé's Historical Society
  • Fort Matanzas, built 1740-1742
  • 18th C Spanish military artifacts
  • The Interesting books about St. Augustine
  • Mission San Luis, Tallahassee, artifact display
  • The Florida Museum of Natural History online St Augustine exhibit
  • St. Augustine Town Plan Historic District
  • History of Spanish Colonialism in Florida
  • Florida Web Sites: European Influence
  • Old City gives us a great St. Augustine history
  • The city's own government has a very comprehensive St. Augustine history
  • St. Augustine overview
  • National Park Service guide to St. Augustine
  • Guide to the Oldest City
  • The Ponce de Leon Hotel, built 1880's, is now Flagler College
  • NEH Landmarks Workshop St. Augustine June 28-July 3, 2004

    Other Spanish-American links

  • Breve Historia de la Conquista de América
  • An historical timeline from Columbus forward
  • From Si Spain, the discovery of America
  • Florida History presents a Cabeza de Vaca biography
  • San Diego History presents Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo
  • The DeSoto Chronicles are an excellent historical resource
  • The story of Cortes and the Isabella Diamond
  • A Panamanian's history of the Spanish treasure fleets
  • Alta California in the 1700's
  • The Spanish Missions in the New World

  • Arizona missions map
  • The Spanish Missions of California
  •     California Mission Studies annotated links
        California Missions webquest for grades 4-8
  • The missions, missionaries and indigenous people of Spanish La Florida
  • A map of the Spanish Missions of Georgia
  •     Missions map of GA and SC
  • Missions of Texas
  •     The US Park Service takes you to the Spanish Missions of San Antonio
        Official homepage of The Alamo
        Map of 40 Spanish missions in Texas
  • Travel along the Oñate trail
  • Great photos of the old Spanish missions of the Southwest
  • Alma Projects's lessons plans and activities for the missions of 4 states
  • Mission churches of the Sonoran Desert
  • The Spanish Missions of the Maya
  • Slide shows of the Spanish missions & the history of the Americas
  • More beautiful mission photos
  • The Five Missions of the Sierra Gorda, MX
  • Military artifacts of the Spanish Mission period, 1650-1700

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